Our Services

Our Services

BCNetcom, the Certified Magneto Developer, provide you with a total solution for Magento E-commerce. Our solution support both Magento Community and Enterprise versions.
Magento is a powerful yet sophisticated e-commerce platform based on the PHP Zend Framework. Our experience in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and e-commerce environment make us the right partner for your E-Commerce project.


We provide design for Mangento Theme or you can provide your own design to us and we build the Theme for you. In the case of your own design, you only need to provide the PSD file and specification and we do the rest for you, including the interactive effect using JQUERY or Flash.

Development and Customization

We build Magento Theme based on PSD file. Also, we provide customization for the back end extension to easy your product management, reporting and/or integration with your existing system, such as ERP/Inventory…etc.


We provide staging environment for testing and help set up all the necessary stepss for your e-commerce web site, including but not limited to database, application, theme, payment gateway, sample data…etc.

Support and Maintenance

A Secure and Reliable Platform is crucial for the success of e-commerce. We provide on-going support and maintenance service ensuring that your customers can have better online shopping experience.

To see some of our work please visit our Customer Cases.

To have more information, please feel free to contact us.

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